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“...Entrepreneurship is a desert where all the resources are limited and only the strongest can survive...we are beduins looking for oasis..”
Dazza Camilo

in the desert.

This is a guide book for every entrepreneur who considers himself a nomad in this global village.

If you are an entrepreneur or consider yourself an adventurer in business, this book is for you. In a simple but profound language you will find the most relevant aspects of entrepreneurship in order to survive in the desert of business.

This manual has been written based on the author’s experiences as a business consultant and entrepreneur in the Middle East, who, interacting in the entrepreneurial ecosystem and fully immersed in its culture, developed the basic concept of the Arab Business Model (Arab Business Model ) that over the years, the experiences and experiences were shaped, transformed, and finally expressed in the pages of this book.

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About the author


Dazza Camilo is an international consultant in regional strategy, he is considered one of the most authoritative Latin American speakers on issues related to strategic business models in the Middle East; Its operations center includes the United Arab Emirates, the Sultanate of Oman and other countries of the Persian Gulf, advising and giving conferences to different companies about the ABM (Arab Business Model).

He is a Specialist in Strategic Thinking and a Master in Organizational Prospective and foresight. His more than 20 years of experience in consulting and advising organizations throughout Latin America and now in the Middle East have empowered him to lead international processes of trade relations between the Middle East and the Southern Cone.

Entrepreneurs in the desert.

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